Car CD Players

Car CD players are the basis of the entertainment system in a car. It doesn’t matter what type of speakers are in the back if the CD player is junk. All they are going to do is play the crappy sound quality louder. It doesn’t matter how awesome the CD is if the CD player itself will barely function properly. This can mean losing at a car show, being embarrassed in front of friends and not being able to listen to decent music when you’re on the road. Instead, look at the different features available, the different buying options and then pick a product that is right for you.

Budget should be considered first

Some of these products cost hundreds of dollars. Other ones are only going to cost a hundred. Before searching for products, consider what you can, and cannot, afford. Then, narrow down the search results to make sure that the products available suit your budget. Read More

Combination CD/DVD player

Now that you have figured out what you can afford, it is time to figure out what you want. There are a lot of CD players on the market, but some of these CD players also have a built in DVD player. If you plan on taking your car to car shows, on long road trips with the entire Read More

Aesthetic appeal

Aesthetic appeal is something that should be considered as well. Some of these products come with LED lights that will flash with the beat of the music. Other ones come with displays, like the older Dolphin Face Pioneer radios that were popular. Now, radios are more modern, Read More

Sound quality

Sound quality is another important factor that people need to consider when purchasing a CD player for their car. Some CD players will sound amazing, sometimes a person will have to play with the settings to get the bass perfect, and other Read More


The size of the CD player is important. The space in every car for a CD player is a different size. Some are too big to fit in that space and will require professional assistance. Some are too small and will require a bracket or two to hold them in place. Measure the size available Read More


Some car radios are only compatible with certain cars. Often, after market CD players are only compatible with certain cars. Some of them require a special plug so that they can will work with the car, and some of them will not work with certain years of cars. Read More
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