Children’s CD Players

Children’s CD players need to be as tough as the child. The rougher a toddler is, the more durable that CD player needs to be. They need to be able to withstand what is thrown at them, but they should also be age appropriate. There are so many CD players for children on the market today that parent’s can easily find something to suit their child regardless of their age, favorite color or what features they need.

Durability is important

Durability is one of the first things that a person needs to look at when they are searching for the perfect children’s CD player. The younger a child is, the more durable a CD player should be. Older children will be able to handle a cheap portable CD player just fine, but younger children will need one that is specially designed for toddlers. These are made of thicker plastic so that they will last through being dropped without resulting in a broken music player.

Warranties are equally important

See if products have a warranty before purchasing them. This is key for students that are prone to breaking things. It is important to check the warranty to see what it covers, and what it does not, to make sure that you will receive a replacement if something happens to the product.

For example, one warranty might cover an item being dropped and broken, but it might not cover the item if things spill on it. Read More

Waterproof is an option

They now make toddler proof/waterproof music players that are perfect for smaller children. This is ideal for smaller children or anyone that wants to listen to music while they take a shower or bath. These CD players can withstand the humidity in the shower (unlike an IPhone), they can handle being at the breakfast table while a three year old eats a bowl Read More


Some children will be content listening to music in their rooms. Other children will want a product that they can take with them. Most CD players are designed to run off batteries, and boombox style options can run off of batteries or be plugged into the wall. Consider where your child will be listening to music to decide how portable the music player should be.

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Color options

here are so many colors available that parents can find a CD player in any color or character they would like. They can opt for a basic black one or pick their kids favorite cartoon and find a product to go with it. There are so many products available that a person can easily pick the color that they want and then find a CD player in that color or with the characters of their choice.

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Some of these products have a built-in sing along option. These can be fun for kids that really enjoy singing, and they can listen to their favorite music at the same time. There are some of these that are portable, some with that are designed for smaller children and fashionable ones that older children will adore.

Boombox style or portable CD player

Both options are portable and have the option to run off batteries, but there are a few key differences that can help people decide which one to purchase for a child.

Boomboxes can be run off batteries, but they also have the option to be plugged into the wall. They are portable, but they are bulkier than other options. It can be inconvenient to take one of these in Read More

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