MP3 CD Players

MP3 CD players are very similar to regular CD players, but they play an MP3 compact disk instead of a regular CD. Most people wonder what the difference is, and whether it is worth it to upgrade to an MP3 CD player. There are a few differences and drawbacks, but there are quite a few great things about these music players too.


Cost is one of the best things about these products. They can usually be found at the same price as a portable CD player, so you can get that technology update at no additional cost. That is something that everyone can appreciate about these music players.

You can fit more on an MP3 CD

A regular CD has audio files on it, and this can take up quite a bit of space. This is why most of the older CD’s only have a limited number of songs on them.

MP3 compact disks allow manufacturers to compress the files more so that they still sound amazing, Read More

MP3 CDs might not work with regular CD players

This is something that often confuses consumers. Because the disks are the same size, people assume that they can be played in a regular CD player, but that isn’t always the case. Some CD players will play an MP3 player, but most will not because these disks have a different format.

Read More

Some products play both

Shoppers can also purchase a device that will play both files. These music players will work wonderfully with traditional compact disks as well as an MP3 CD, which is a nice option for people that are having a hard time deciding which version of compact disk they like better. Read More

Convenience on the go

People that like to listen to music when they are on the go usually prefer an MP3 CD player for the convenience. These portable music players allow anyone to listen to music while they are walking somewhere, they are not nearly as laborious as a standard CD player because Read More

Anti-skip is important

In today’s modern world, you would think that every portable music player would have an anti-skip feature. This means that the product absorbs more of the shock when it bounces around (like when it is in someone’s pocket) so that the song playing does not skip. This was popular in the 90’s, but Read More

Available in every color and character

These are more modern than CD players, but they are available with all the same options, like color and character options. These products can be found in everything from princess pink to baby blue to basic black. They can be found in more popular characters as well, so your little one’s face will light Read More
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