Portable CD Players

I can’t even begin to count all of the times that I have purchased and used a portable CD player or Boom Box. In fact my favorite device for listening to music or talk radio is definitely a portable CD player with radio. This invention is literally the “best of everything” and the price is so low that you can easily own many of them, which I do. There have been many times that I was out having a good time with my friends and decided that listening to some CD’s or the radio would definitely enhance the mood. So I proceeded to find the nearest store that sold portable CD players near me and went shopping. The funny thing is that portable CD players are so popular that even places like Walgreens or CVS sells them! I have even found portable CD-DVD players being sold at gas stations, especially in smaller towns. I am often surprised to discover how many stores and the types of stores, that sell CD players with radios or even Portable DVD players. Obviously the devices are mega-popular if you can find them being sold in a gas station.

Affordable And Portable - What’s Not To Like

So what makes a portable CD player so popular? Personally due to my own experience with the devices, I think there are several reasons why and all of them are great reasons. The first obvious reason is included right in the name and that is the word “portable”. Many of the places that I have found myself wanting to listen to the radio, CDs, or talk radio, don’t have electricity. The only thing that would work is any type of device that can run on its own battery power. Certainly my cell phone could work in some cases but it won’t work if I want to listen to CD’s. Read More

When Nothing Else Would Work

There is another time I can remember where the only device that would have worked was a Portable CD player. After making a last minute decision, a group of friends and I decided to go camping and tubing down a very popular river that is a couple hours away from our houses in the city. The location is remote enough that cell phones are just not reliable enough to entrust with our music listening enjoyment. Unfortunately none of us had a portable CD player with us at the time so we just decided to purchase one on the way. Read More

Excellent Choice For Kids

If your kids are getting to an age that they are discovering a love for music, then chances are pretty good that you are out shopping for a portable CD player for them right now. Maybe that’s how you ended up on this page. In fact you have probably had many experiences like mine where you have discovered all of the great things that these musical devices are good for. You are also probably aware of the fact that they can be super affordable, even for a pretty descent one. That is one of the nice things about old-school technology, it is so affordable! Read More
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