Walkman CD Players

The very first Walkman cassette player came out in 1979, and these products are still going strong. They might not produce Walkman tape players anymore, but CD players are still being manufactured, purchased and winding up underneath of the Christmas tree when the holiday season hits.

Walkman is by Sony

For a long time, Walkman was used as an interchangeable phrase with any portable CD player, but consumers should not be confused. Walkman is a brand that was produced by Sony in 1979, and other portable CD players are different brands. They are not Walkmans. (Sony also concluded that the plural word for this brand is “Walkmans” not “Walkmen.”) We still love Sony, though.


This is one of the areas where Walkman CD players outshine every other portable CD player on the market. Walkman CD players have been around for so long because this is a trustworthy product. A newer model might have different features, but that doesn’t mean that it is trustworthy.

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Different colors

This brand might be a bit more traditional, but that doesn’t mean that the options are. Instead of the older days when most of these were manufactured in black, they are not being produced in every single color available. If you want a baby blue portable CD player, you can find one. Read More


The older styles, known as Discman, or Discmans, had a traditional, old school CD player look to them. Sony has changed their products with the times so that modern Walkmans have a modern look. They have a sleek finish, a crisp look and they are not going to make anyone that owns a Read More

They take convenient sized batteries

Everyone has spent hours trying to find those watch sized batteries in a specific size. It can mean ordering them online or going from one store to another one all day in hopes of finding them. Instead, these provide convenience by offering customers the ability to listen to their favorite music Read More

Anti-skip in almost every product

There might be one or two Walkmans that do not offer the anti-skip technology, but customers are going to have to do some digging to find those. Sony wanted their products to be perfect for the customer, so they always made sure to include this feature in their portable CD players so that you Read More

Line out option

Most of these come with a line out option, something that every portable CD player does not come with. A line out option means that the CD player can be plugged into something else so that people can hear their songs through a different device.

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Digital features

People that were around when the first Walkman CD players came out are used to the older look, but with modern times comes a modern look. These products now feature hip digital options for volume control and track selection. An LCD display make these products even more modern, and a Read More
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