Kids CD Players

There is nothing that can compare to listening to children fight about what music to put on the radio during a ten-hour long road trip. There is also nothing quite like a kid taking over the kitchen radio, and as parents we all suck it up. Except for those of us who realize how much nicer it is to simply purchase them their own CD player so that the six-year-old can jam to her favorite music in her room while the adults enjoy some peace and quiet. If you’re in that latter group, consider the features of the products available to make sure that you purchase the perfect one for your little one.

Sing a long option

Some of these products are designed to be both a music player and a mini-karaoke machine. Children can enjoy listening to their favorite music, and they can learn the lyrics via an LED screen. Most of these have a microphone so that they can sing to all their favorite songs.

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Radio option

CD players are great, but sometimes children want to hear the radio, too. Sometimes, that one CD that you brought will start skipping and the radio is the only option. That is why products that also have an AM/FM radio are a nice option.

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Waterproof options are awesome for toddlers

Waterproof electronics are a great option for anyone, especially younger children that are prone to spills. Products that are not waterproof will more than likely stop working if a child spills their drink on them. CD players that are waterproof are going last through spill after spill Read More

Durability is always important

Durability is something that every person should consider before buying a product, and this doesn’t just apply to toddlers. Even teenagers can be rough on products. A boy can put his portable CD player in his pocket and accidently sit on it in a matter of seconds. Read More


This is an important feature in portable kids’ CD players. When a person is running and listening to their favorite music or the car is going over railroad tracks, a CD will skip if the product does not have anti-skip technology to prevent it from skipping. This is something that everyone should look for in a Read More


Cost is another important factor that people need to consider. If a person purchases a glittery pink CD player, their child will outgrow it as soon as they do not like glitter anymore. This can mean that parents might feel like they wasted money on the product.

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